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Tattoo Lovers Care

Tattoo Lovers Care- Stage 0 Tattoo Foam Soap

Tattoo Lovers Care- Stage 0 Tattoo Foam Soap

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Tattoo Foam Soap

Use Tattoo Lovers Care Tattoo Soap before inking and during the entire healing process. Microbes can cause serious infection, leading to scarring and destroying your new art! The gentle castile base of our soap helps to combat these threats by removing them from the area before they can take hold. The foaming soap dispenser ensures easy application, while the essential oil blend helps to soothe the skin and provides a pleasant aroma

Experience Natural Soap like Never Before

Aftercare as Nature Intended

Vegan Organic

Cleaning and

Works During & After
the Tattoo Process


Our soap is pharmacist and herbalist formulated with safe, all natural and vegan ingredients that help keep your ink clean.

Whether you’re taking care of a discreet piece or a full on sleeve our Tattoo Lovers Care Cream provides the best healing and results for your ink. It also works great long after healing to help keep tattoos vibrant.

The Stages of Tattoo Healing

As your tattoo heals and ages, so too do its needs. This is why our product line extends past aftercare and into “forevercare.” Each product addresses a specific stage of tattoo care. Before you get inked, you can make sure your tattoo is clean with our foaming soap. While your artist is giving you the tattoo, they can use our glide to reduce redness and swelling while increasing your endurance in the chair. Right after you get inked your skin needs the soreness reduction and intense healing power of our salve. Once those scabs form, you can find itch relief and powerful moisturizer in the cream. At every stage of healing, your tattoo has unique problems. That is why we tailored unique products for every step of the way.

Uncap, Apply, Enjoy

1) Wash your hands thoroughly to remove any contaminants before touching your ink.

2) Wet your hands and pump out enough soap to wash the tattooed area.

3) Gently scrub the tattoo and the surrounding area to remove any exudate.

4) Completely rinse the area and check to ensure it is completely cleaned.

Nature's Finest Ingredients

Heroes of Healing

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is the closest natural mimic for your skin’s natural oils! It’s hypoallergenic, anti-inamma-tory, and antifungal also. It contains B complex vitamins and iodine, which stimulates collagen synthesis.


Arnica is a natural extract that reduces pain and inflammation, perfect for a sore tattoo.


Shea Butter is anti-inflammatory with built-in UV protectant. Its high fat content penetrates the skin to provide healing moisture while boosting collagen production.

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