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Dynarex Sterile Alcohol Pads, 200/box

Dynarex Sterile Alcohol Pads, 200/box

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Dynarex Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads

Antiseptic 70% IPA Wipes - Sterile alcohol prep pads are single-use wipes designed to disinfect and sanitize the skin prior to tattoos or piercings. They are individually wrapped to ensure maximum sterility and convenience, making them ideal for use in medical settings such as hospitals, clinics, tattoo shops and doctor's offices. The compact size of the pads also makes them great for on-the-go use or for keeping in first aid kits at home.

  • Sterile Antiseptic alcohol wipes contain 70% Isopropyl Alcohol for rapid-action skin cleansing.
  • 2.36" (unfolded) L. x 1.1" W. medium size wipes are ideal for pre-injection skin prepping and cleaning minor cuts and scrapes.
  • Non-woven pad fabric is soft and absorbent.
  • Pad can be unfolded for greater coverage.
  • Each wipe is individually sealed for convenience and safety.
  • Packaged 200 compact wipes per box.
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